Hylton Rutherford

I am a full time Bladesmith and Blacksmith.  My interests lie in uncovering and learning the skills of the metal workers of old and applying this knowledge to my metal creations whether they be edged tools or metal art.  I take commissions and create my own products which are shown below.
I enjoy passing on these skills through the knife forging classes I offer.  My two day blade-smithing classes are very intimate and hands on with a max of 4 students per course.  I offer these any two days of the week and every second and last weekend of the month at a cost of R3000 per person.
I also offer Blacksmithing classes where you can learn to manipulate metal and make functional items / jewellery during your two day experience.
R3000 per person

Knife Courses

I offer a two day Blade-smithing course where students forge their own blade from scratch and finish off their masterpiece with an African hard wood handle and custome leather sheath.  I also offer a two day axe course where students forge their own axe from a ball=pean hammer

Hand Forged Knives

I make my own forged knives, swords and axes and also take commissions to make hat custom piece you have always dreamed of owning. 

Blacksmith Art

Forming metal into functional and artistic shapes has always been a passion of mine.  I make stock as the inspiration hits me and also take commissions for that functional/artistic piece you need.

Available Knives

Out Of  Africa 2

My signature bush knife/hunter.  Forged from high carbon steel with African hard wood handle.

Deluxe Hunter

Forged 5160 steel blade with brass bolster and stacked giraffe bone , red ivory and African black wood handle.


Tactical tanto.  Paracord wrap handle.  comes with an ABS sheath

Tanto dagger.

Tactical dagger.  Paracord wrap handle.  Comes with an ABS sheath.

Persian Dagger

Tactical Dagger.  Paracord wrap handle.  Comes with an ABS sheath


Traditional Zulu stabbing spear.  The name is a phonetic derived from the sound the spear makes when withdrawing from a body.  Forge carbon steel blade with African hard wood handle

Brut de Forge Bowie

Bowie knife forged from a file with Antler crown handle


Forged 5160 steel with Pine cone/resin handle.

My Work

Knife Making Courses

Knife Forging Courses

Rutherford Forge


Forge your own blade from scratch.  Starting with a rectangular billet, I will guide you through the process where you will forge and finish your own high performance custom hunter/utility or kitchen knife complete with African hard wood handle and sheath

Rutherford Forge


Great fun with your friends and/or family.  Small groups ensure and unforgettable experience with a fantastic keepsake!

Rutherford Forge


The perfect gift!  Vouchers available for courses as a perfect  perfect gift.  Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

I do not have set dates for the courses and accomodate students any weekdays and every second and last weekend of the month, but do make exceptions as your availability dictates.

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